Prayer Requests

Prayer request from

Please pray for Jackaline Nicole Ann Carter protection from all my enemies and evil and God to fight for me

Jackaline Nicole Ann Carter
Received: Oct 21, 2018

Healing from cursed with barreness from

I am asking for a prayer to remove the curse a sister has put on me " she said that I won't have a child unless she is with me... while her words cut through the center of my head down my face" I have had 4 IVF's and no success in conceiving a child and also attract negativity. My work, people blame and shame me and sent negativity to me although I am just being the best nurse I can be. <br> <br>Thank you <br>God bless.

Janetta Jonkers Villet
Received: Oct 14, 2018

Need my boyfriend back from

He dumped me!

Received: Oct 21, 2018

Prayer for healing of my broken bones from

I got in a bad car accident and broke a few of my bones and need healing quickly plz

Johnny Cartwright
Received: Oct 22, 2018

Origins of Demons from

I want to pray that the French Demons will not prevail against Gods people, including their female witches. I ask that this entire kingdom returns everything that they stole.

Tonne L Miessek
Received: Oct 23, 2018

Prayer for Protection from

Please protect me, Noel and Ronin from all the harms. Please make the plots and plans against us fail. Please remove the evil and wicked people and organizations intending us harm. Please return us to a life of peace and keep us safe and healthy and together. Amen.

Nicole Henneman
Received: Oct 24, 2018

Prayer for my crush and my cousin sister to apologize to me from

I had a crush on Joel Agustin for 8 years,he didn't notice me all the years when suddenly he called me out during church service. He then kissed me all over and fondled with my body parts,we had video calls every Sunday. I let him do it because I love him. Then he started to ignore me saying he doesn't want to commit because he wants to concentrate on his work.. One day my cousin sister who was his ex told me that he has a which it made me feel that he was lying to me. I told her whatever he did to me. She then told me that she doesn't believe whatever I say. Then he told her whatever I said was a lie. Nothing happened between us. My cousin sister then went around lying and spreading rumours that I had many men in my life which is completely false. I had only one men in my life but that was out of pity. I truly love this guy whom I like for years. Now I am not going to the church because of them. Both of them are in the worship team because my cousin sister's father is the pastor. And due to this my uncle who is the pastor purposely humiliate me in the church during service. Please pray my crush will call me and apologize to me for lying and please make him love me and miss me like crazy, please pray he will tell my cousin the truth. Please pray that my cousin sister will tell the truth to him and everyone that whatever she said was a lie. I want to go to church again. I miss them and I miss his video calls and I long for his affection again.

Darshini Kalaichelvam
Received: Nov 20, 2018

Pray for victory over gang stalkers, those who lie or are influenced to do harm by those who lie or use there free will for evil. from

Though the LORD shared with me Isaiah 49 yesterday around noon EDT got overwhelming feeling of an evil

presence. Still trust the GOD that it is he who will tread down my enemies by his grace and the blood of

Jesus Christ of nazareth. May any plots and schemes against me fail.

Michael Hamrich
Received: Dec 06, 2018

Make the devil leave you alone from

Please upload a prayer asking God to make the devil leave us alone. If it's not too much also another prayer asking God to keep the devil from whispering into our ears. May God bless you for what you do.

Alex Carpenter
Received: Dec 09, 2018

Prayer request from from

Please pray for Jackaline Nicole Ann Carter protection from all my enemies and evil and God to fight for me

Janetta Jonkers Villet
Received: Dec 10, 2018

Ex loved one to return to me from

Please prayer for me that my loved one calls or text and loves me and for him to return in my life

Received: Dec 30, 2018

organise from

It is impossible for me somehow to organize my house I can find everything and have no mess. I feel as if something is working against me and ask for a prayer for this.

Received: Jan 21, 2019

Financial Breakthroughs from

Dear True God.
I Ask for a powerful prayer to Bind all demonic holds over Your child and Your child's family finances.
By The Blood of Jesus Christ.
And Lord I pray with power unto You to Loose on earth all Your child's finances.
To accomplish all the Godly Good You Father God Called Your child and Your child's family to do in your Name.
By The Blood of Jesus Christ.
I Thank You Father God it's All being Worked Out and it's Done.

Received: Feb 12, 2019

In Need if Miracle from

I need a financial miracle of $500,000 this week or at least February 2019. I need a home or apartment and for my lease to be approved and meet requirements. I need the money also for food and clothing, and a safe home. And I need a miracle because Imhave no job, or anything. Also I need protection from bullying and enemies and family my life friends etc. Also I would like visitation from God and Jesus. I just pray God delivers me from these people mistreating me and bring justice ,and legal justice. Lastly this year I would like God to bless me with twins, a on and daughter . I’ve always wanted kids, and I guess a Godly man who will love me and treat me and my kids , well future kids, respectfully Or I was considering IVF but again I need guidance money and approval.

Received: Feb 14, 2019

Pray for me to be strong from

Pray for me to respect my husband love my husband an my kids

Erica Arnold
Received: Feb 14, 2019

Thankful for Protection from

I Thank You Father God for Everything and All things your doing in the lives of your Godly Children.
Thanks so much for protection from evil.
Were so bless to have relationships with You Father God from here to eternity.
I Thank You Father God.
By the Blood of Your Son Jesus Christ.
Yes. LORD. Yes.

Received: Feb 16, 2019

Protection for my son Romeo from

He's in federal prison in WV officer's has beat my son for 5 days need advice and direction prayer first Sir he needs protection from them and his enemies and a early release from prison please pray for us me to be strong....

Patricia Lambert
Received: Feb 17, 2019

Protection from my evil Neighbors from

God make my Neighbors and all my enemies known and unknown leave me alone stop them from using witchcraft an evil forces against me and my family cover us with your blood in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth

Patricia Lambert
Received: Feb 17, 2019

Pharmacist Prayer Request from

Prayer request that the Lord will ENSURE that I maintain my current PHARMACY MANAGER Position During these TROUBLING TIMES; and gain and MAINTAIN the Trust, Support and Respect of my STAFF and BOSSES in your name. FREE of Gossip, Setbacks, Regret, Frustration, Tension, Disappointments and Misfortunes.

Chuck Maduako
Received: Jan 15, 2020