Father, the great I Am that I Am , the God who created this Earth, Father Elohim, Jehovah Adonai, Jehovah El, Jehovah Tsidkenu, Jehovah Mekadishkem, Jehovah Eloah, you are most wonderful, most magnificent, your loving kindness is everlasting.
Father God, there’s a lot of demons holding down your child in the spirit world and when I mean hold down, they are literary holding them down.
They’re holding down their finances, they’re holding down their positive emotions, they even hold them down physically in the room, in their beds, they’re holding down their relationships with their family, relationships with those they are dating, they’re holding down their business, their ideas, their dreams, their goals, they’re holding them back from excelling in life.
Father God, the only reason why these demons can come near your child like that is because there is not enough anointing and not enough of your glory on them.
They probably don’t even have any Angels protecting them.
It’s all probably because they were in some kind of sin and because of the sin, Your Angels couldn’t get near. Neither could You.
Father God, after your child has asked you to forgive them of their sins, I ask you to second that and show mercy on them and wash them whiter than snow.
And then, Father God, I ask you to come down upon them, put the Blood of Jesus Christ on them so that the demons will not come near. As the Death Angel could not come near the Egyptians’ house, could not touch them. Could not even… Could not touch them to hold them down.
Your child wants these demons to let them go. The demos are holding them. They have gotten near them. There’s no Blood of Christ keeping them far away.
Now, as this prayer is going forth, Father God, we ask you to place the Blood of Jesus Christ back on your child after you’ve forgiven them so no Angel of Death and darkness and evil spirits from the underworld can come near them. They will not have the opportunity to hold onto them.
They will never have these powerful demons not letting them go.
Father God, we ask you to send some tall, powerful Angels and Archangels. Have them to surround your child and have them to hold hands around them, form a circle and hold hands and be at watch for any witches and warlocks and sorcerers who astral project and come out their bodies and travel in the spirit world, trying to come near your child to curse them.
Have your Archangels to be ready to destroy and chain up those spirits and, best of all, to make sure that those human spirits do not get near your child.
Father God, have all the Angels to be walking everywhere your child walks.
Like Balaam, give these angels swords and other spiritual weapons so they can be ready for war because when your child goes to a lot of places that are packed with demons, those Angels are going to be having serious wars, doing all they can to fight off those hundreds and thousands evil spirits coming to attach your child.
Father God, give these Angels, protecting your child, the ability to signal and call reinforcement. We don’t want any evil spirit to be able to hold the Angels down. If they are getting too overpowered, let them call for reinforcements and have reinforcements to come in seconds.
Father God, have a lot of the evil spirits in the spirit world to see not one person but many, they’re also seeing the Angels and Archangels.
Have your glory to come down and fall down mightily on your child, keeping your sweet spirit on them, keeping your love on them.
Father God, fill their day with happiness, reverse all darkness that has been placed over them.
Father God, have the demons to be very afraid to come even… To even think about coming any closer to your child, keep them at bay, keep them at far distance, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
We thank you, Father God, for sending these Angels to surround your child.
Father God, because of your glory and because of the Blood of the Jesus Christ all demos that have their hands on your child will automatically let them go. And for some stubborn demons that don’t want to, because I’ve heard that the demons won’t leave until you command them to.
So, Father God, fill my words with power and authority, give my words weight and have the demons to hear your voice and not mine. All demons that won’t let this child go, I command you to let them go, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Let go of their money, in Jesus’ name. Let go of their relationships, in Christ’s name. Let go of them physically, in Christ’s name. Let go of everything else that you’ve had your hands on. Let go of their future, in Christ’s name. Let go of their career, in Christ’s name. Let go of everything that you, demons from the dark side, had your hands on in this child of God’s life and go straight to the pits and never return, in Jesus Christ’s name.