Father God, Jehovah Elohim, I’m coming to you today for your child who is suffering from infirmities. Father God, by the time this prayer is finished, we expect your child to be completely healed physically. Father God, by Faith we believe your child is already healed. Father, forgive me of my sins and your child has already asked you for forgiveness, because you said once we humble ourselves and seek for your face turn from our wicked ways, you will come and heal.
Father God your child and I are both humble and we are in prayer seeking Your face. We asked you, Father God, to show your full power, your Jehovah Rapha power upon your child. Father God, come down now and heal your child of all infirmities, listening to this prayer.
Thank you, Father, for showing them mercy. Crown your child father with the crown of health, signifying that they have conquered all infirmities within their body.
Heal your child, Father, physically in every aspect.
Remove, Father Elohim, remove Satan’s hand from all of their organs, from of their kidneys, from of their liver, from of their heart, from of their mind, from of their veins, from of their muscles and bones, from of every organ, muscle and tissue in their body. Remove all of the Satan’s hands and his demon’s hands, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
Father, like you did with Daniel and the lions then, you saved him from the power of the lions and like you did with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, you saved them from the power of the furnace, and, Father Elohim, save your child from the power of infirmity, from the demon of infirmity, from the evil spirit of infirmity, in Christ’s name.
Father, right now we know that you created the body to heal itself. We asked you firstly, Father God, to restore the health back spiritually and set everything… Balance everything in their body so that begins to heal itself.
Father God, bring healing your child’s roof, under their house so no one else will be sick.
Father Elohim, you sent Jesus Christ so that we can be healed, not so that we can be sick. So it’s obvious, Father God, that you have desire for your child to be healed from all infirmities. It is your desire for them to never be sick.
Father God, your child is sorry for eating bad. You created Adam and Eve to eat just fruits, herbs, vegetables, so it’s clear but you never intended us to become sick. Your child wants your forgiveness for not taking care of their temple as they should, their body, and they promise that after you heal them, that they will look after their body, their temple, your temple with more careful thought and not be careless anymore with their eating habits.
Father Elohim, touch your child like you did with the leper in Mathew 3 and let your healing power flow through your child through your love. Heal them like you healed the leper.
We know that by Jesus Christ’s stripes, your child was healed by Jesus Christ’s stripes, your child was healed from diabetes, from high cholesterol, from cancer 2000 years ago.
Father, you love your child too much to see them perish from these infirmities. We accept the gift of healing from you. I accept this gift of healing from you for your child.
Father Elohim, Jehovah Rapha, have your love to destroy all cells of infirmities in your child’s body, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
I believe right now, father, and I receive that your child has been redeemed from all sicknesses and diseases and all infirmities. I offer their bodies right now to you… Their body to you right now, father. Begin to dwell in them as it is your temple. Have all infirmities to shrivel up and to bow at your presence when you come to dwell in them.
Father God, melt away this stubborn infirmity in Christ’s name. All stubborn infirmities, I command you to be melted away. Infirmities, I curse all of you from the source.
Father Elohim, end the life of all these infirmities and with the sword cut down, cut away them from your child’s body. Find the pillar of all curses, infirmity curses that have been sent at your child to attack their body and that are lingering on your child and that have opened doors to other sicknesses.
Father, we ask you lay all these infirmities on all evil spirits that have been attacking your child with these same sicknesses. Have it to come on them in Christ’s name.
Infirmities, we command you to bow, surrender this child’s life in Christ’s name, surrender their body in Christ’s name.
Father, bring life back into your child’s blood cells. Your child believes that they have received that they are healed. Keep your word of binding within them, Father, and we are both in agreement in this prayer and like Jesus said to Lazarus, health, come forth. Healing, come forth.
I speak to you, infirmities. I send all infirmities to the grave, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
Infirmities, I command you to release your hold on this child of God, in Christ’s name.
All demons of infirmity, I command you all to release you hold on this child’s body. I command the Spirit of Death that has been invited in this child’s life, listening to this prayer, to try to kill them or give them early death. We place you under the Blood of Christ, Spirit of Death. You will not come near this child of God, in Christ’s name.
Body, I command you to resist all infirmities.
Body, I command you to straighten up.
Body, I speak to you, you are whole, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
Father God, also set your child free from mental infirmities and sicknesses as well.
And I command all evil spirits of infirmity, all evil spirits of sicknesses and illnesses and pestilences and viruses attacking this child of God’s body and mind, I command all of you to remove yourselves from all of their life, from all of their body, from all of their mind and go straight to the pits, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and never return.
Thank you, Father Elohim, thank you, Jehovah Rapha, for hearing this prayer and healing your child. Thank you for the healing that they have received.