Father God, oh Lord God, our Father who is in Heaven, who created the Heavens and the Earth, the Father of Jesus Christ, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in Israel, this is a prayer going up to You for your Child listening to this prayer for protection. A protection prayer specifically for you to send Angels down here to Earth to protect them. Father, you are Jehovah-rohi, the Lord, our Shepherd, and according to Psalms 91 in Verse 11, which says, “For You shall give your Angels charge over me to keep me in all my ways.” Father, give your Angels charge over your Child listening to this prayer to keep them in all their ways. Father, in Genesis 24 in Verse 7, you sent an Angel before Abraham, I want you too to send an Angel before your child listening to this prayer. Father, I want you to send down here to Earth, straight to your Child wherever they are, wherever they are located on this Earth. Send some more Archangels straight down to where they are. Father, let these warrior Archangels know that they must make sure that no evil is to touch them. Let them know they are to form a circle around your Child. Let them know that they are to be on full guard, guarding your Child who’s listening to this prayer from all evil, 24/7. Father, I want them to be their escorts and their security guards. Have them, Father, to walk with your Child where they walk and to follow your Child wherever they go. Father, equip these warrior Archangels who are protecting your Child. Equip them with all the spirit weapons they’ll need when they are fighting and supercharge, double the strength and power of those weapons. As long as your Child who is listening to this prayer is living right and they are praying and praising as they ought to, Father God, no harm must come to them, whatsoever. The Angels, the Archangels, the warrior Archangels that you’ve sent must not move away from them as long as they are living right, praying and praising as they ought to. Father God, make sure these warrior Archangels don’t ever get overpowered. Your Child might go into areas on jobs where there are heavy, heavy demonic activities and the demons will see the Angels and it’s going to cause some, there’s gonna be some battling in the spirit world when they come in contact with one another. Father God, make sure that the warrior Archangels don’t get overpowered or get held down and, if for some reason it seems they need help, Father, let loose legions of Angelic hosts of warrior Archangels to fight for your Child and to assist Archangels who are already here protecting them, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Father God, I expect these warrior Archangels to protect your Child from plane crashes, from car accidents, from kidnappings, from being murdered, from jealous people, from food poisoning, from curses. I expect that your warrior Archangels to protect your Child from every harm and danger. Father, I know that you heard this prayer and I thank you for answering it and I thank you for sending those warrior Archangels to where your Child is. I seal this prayer. Everything is done in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Amen.