Father God, the one true living God, Elohim, Father Elohim, the God, the Elohim who created this Earth, Elohim who sent Jesus Christ to die, Jehovah Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, the one true living Elohim, the father of Jesus Christ, the father or Jesus Christos.
Father God, your child seems to be experiencing a lot of misfortune and being experiencing it for years, not even weeks or months or days, but for years.
Father God, we want… We are in the agreement to get in this prayer and what we want is for you to break any curses that are causing this misfortune and we’re going to be in agreement for you to tie down all evil spirits that are tampering with their life, causing misfortunes and then, we would like you to bless them, so that good things can come to them.
We want all this done, Father God, by as the prayers are being said and prayed over them and as it’s finished, we expect everything to be done.
Father God, Father Elohim, what we want is we want this prayer to be the only remedy that your child will need to solve their misfortunes in their life.
We want you, Father God, to prove yourself to them, prove to them that they came to you and you will deal with it, you will help them deal with these misfortunes very quickly.
Please, Father God, do not let them down, let this prayer to be the only remedy for their misfortunes.
Father God, bring right now wonderful blessings into your child’s life, who’s listening to this prayer.
Begin to do this right now, Father God.
Father, we want you to convert your glory into a blessing glory and place this blessing glory on your hands and, right now, stretch your hands down from heaven and place your hand with the blessing glory on it and rest it on your child’s head right now, in Christ’s name.
Father God, we want you to anoint your child with this blessing glory. We want you to impart this onto them, so when you remove your hands, this blessing of glory remains on them and starts to radiate from them, in Christ’s name.
Father God, have this touch of glory, this touch of blessing, have it to be so strong on your child’s life that it begins to break all curses of misfortune that have been operating in their life. Have it to be so strong on them that misfortune in everything in their life would be broken; misfortune that was resting on their car, that was resting on their finances, that was resting on their health, that was resting on their relationships with other family members, that was resting on them and their marriage if they are married, that was resting on their job…
We ask you, Father God, to have this touch of blessing to be so strong that it breaks the curse of misfortune of everything in their life that they own or that they have to deal with, in Christ’s name.
Father God, not only that we want this touch of blessing, this imparted blessing of glory, we want it to not only break the curses of misfortune in their life, but we also want to attract and pull towards them blessings.
Father, blessings can come in many forms. Blessings can come in the form of someone giving them car, someone was moving somewhere and they didn’t know what to do, they could get that car sold and they had your child in mind and so they gave them that car.
Blessings can come in the form of someone just sowing a seed into your child’s life.
Blessings, such as, someone brought your child some groceries. They… Someone had blessed them with it and they had they had no room for extra food, so they brought some to your child.
Blessings can come… We just want blessings to be attracted to your child, Father God, because this is the whole essence of imparting this blessing glory on them.
When your glory is on them, especially in a form of a blessing, they’re going to be prosperous.
We have seen this all in The Old Testament, all in your Word.
Anytime you, your glory is on someone or around them, it brings blessing to them and to their house.
Father God, pull blessings to your child and to their home, pull it to their business, if they own a business, pull it to everything in their life, pull blessings to their bank accounts, pull blessing to their credit cards, fill them up in Christ’s name. Only because of this imparted blessing of glory that’s resting on them.
Father God, we want you to clear way, all evil spirits, all negative spirits that have been causing all this misfortune in your child’s life and keeping all doors closed and keeping them broke and tampering with their health, tampering with their business and their jobs and keeping everything bad happening.
Father God, tie those demon hounds with chains, unbreakable chains. Tie their feet so they can’t move, so they can’t continue to cause misfortunes on your child listening to this prayer.
And, Father God, with authority of Jesus Christ, I command all those tied up evil spirits, working together to cause misfortune on this child of God, I command you all to go straight to the pits, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and never return.
Father God, set up barriers around your child because Satan will resend other demons to attack them, to cause misfortunes when he sees that they are being blessed.
Set up barriers and leave a few Angels to watch over your child, to watch over their job and their finances to keep a lookout for any demons that may be trying to reattack them.
We thank you, Father God, for hearing this prayer, we thank you for answering it, we thank you, Father God, for blessing your child and imparting this blessing glory on them.