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Father God, the God who created the heavens and the earth, the father of Jesus Christ, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Israel. Father God this is a prayer going up to you to protect your child listening to this from the evil eye. This prayer is to give them protection from the evil eye. This prayer is to give them protection from the evil eye and this prayer is for you to put up a defense against the negative effects of the evil eye.

Evil Eye: The Beginning
Father God your child listening to this must have enemies, human enemies and the human enemies, they are on their jobs, they go to their church, there are at their schools. Your child is always around people and people always will have reasons why they are envious of you and jealous of you depending on what the situation is. Your child mite be married for 10 — 15yrs and some girl in church was jealous because their marriage lasted so long. Father God there are hundreds of reasons why people are envious and jealous of your child listening to this prayer. Father God, there are evil persons out there who are being used of satan and they know of supernatural power where they could cause illness, disasters, even death. They know how to do it by just giving a lil glance, or just a long stare, they know how to just put a curse on someone just by looking at them.

Evil Eye: The Death Stare
Father God we come against the evil eye look. Father God, I ask you to put a hedge over your child listening to this, specifically to repel any evil disasters that was suppose to come on them through this death look. Father God there are many persons who have mastered the death look, who have mastered this death glance, who have mastered being able to put curse on people just by looking or staring long at them. Sometimes they know how to do it just by doing a glance.

Evil Eye: The Curses
Father God protect your child listening to this from such curses from being a victim of the evil eye. Father God sometimes your child mite have been at work and suddenly they had a headache. Suddenly they start noticing weird changes like their breathe becoming short or sometimes these weird symptoms come upon them, they just catch a cold, they just got an upset stomach. Sometimes they become confused, they don’t know how to think properly, all of a sudden this just hit them, they just have a high blood pressure which they don’t suffer from at all. Sometimes their children are being attacked, sometimes their livestock as in cows, dogs, cats, and their animals acting weird. Sometimes they mite have had a very high fever just out of the blue. Sometimes all of a sudden they lost their appetite or they couldn’t sleep for some reason and it’s not because they were worrying about anything their sleep was just lost from them. Some part of their body starts swelling up for no reason and they didn’t hit their body part to anything. Sometimes as I said their children become very sick. Sometimes new mothers who just had a child, their breast milk dry up. Sometimes their children vomit. Sometimes they plant fruit trees in the back of their yard and it’s not bearing and it’s planted in the right season and it’s mature enough to bear. Sometimes in men they can’t have kids as in their sperm duct, it becomes impotent.

Evil Eye: Protect
Father God all these are the negative effects, is a curse that came upon your child listening to this and they don’t know how it came onto them. It came onto them because of the evil eye, someone who knew how to master this curse through the evil eye, through the eyes, through a glance, through a long look, a death look that put this curse on your child. Father God remove this curse right now off of your child listening to this and father God make blind literally anyone who tries to give an evil eye glance at your child listening to this. Father God even if that persons comes close with the intentions of staring at your child listening to this with an evil eye, with an evil eye stare, or with a death stare or death glance to put a curse on them, literally blind them father God. Father God destroy all evil glances, destroy all death glances, destroy all death looks. Cancel all eye looks that caused all these sicknesses and that put curses on your child. Father God send an angel down here to be watching out for persons who want to give your child listening to this the death look and have those angels be responsible for reversing those curses that were sent through just a glance and have the angel to capture that curse as it’s traveling from that persons eye straight to your child. Have your angel to capture that curse and destroy it before it attacks your child listening to this. Thank you father God for protecting your child from the evil eye.