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Oh glorious Elohim, you are most courteous and polite and like the 24 elders are saying right now to you in heaven, only you are worthy, O Lord, To receive glory and honor and power only father Elohim. Father Elohim establish your majestic royalty within the life of your child. I honor you your excellency most holy elohim. I worship you Jehovah Ehyeh asher ehyeh. You are wonderful, you are great, you are marvelous. I believe in you father Elohim, I believe you are hearing me as I pronounce these words and I know that you will send angels and answer this prayer as soon as every word is spoken out of my mouth. I know that you will not let no word spoken fall void. Father touch each word and give it life so it does what it was sent out to do. Father Elohim please keep open your ears to this request until it done. I call unto you now father Elohim to hear my petition for your child and please father fulfill my desire for them and my desire for them is to release all the archangels and chief angels your sentinels of light. Release them and send them straight to your child listening to this right now. Have those archangels and chief archangels to crush satan and make sure he stays under their feet. Have your child father to be open to receive what you have for them which you will send with the angels and appoint them to your child to assist them in every which way.

Angels of Blessings
Father before you send the angels, you should have an angel or angels created specially to just bless. Instruct those angels to specially just bless your child. Have your angels to enhance this child of God’s blessings. Have your angels to bring blessing down from heaven to this earth to your child, have your angels to fix all the elements of this earth, that have been twisted by satanic forces to work against your child and have these elements to work for your child blessing them. Have your angels to plant seeds of blessings in your child’s life so it yields in due season abundant fruit blessings in their life. Have the angels to make sure their days remain holy and blessed. Have your angels to bless them every hour with your fresh anointing. Have your angels to also set the pathway for your child to receive infinite blessings. Father you can now release these angels of blessing to your child to do the following that was listed.

Angels of Miracles
Father before you send the angels responsible specifically for making sure miracles aren’t hindered or hindered in your child’s life. As you sent an angel down to trouble the water in the bible so people can be healed … You should have an angel or angels created just to deal with miracles being performed in your child’s life. Instruct those angels to make sure your child gets gifts of healings you sent to them. Have your angels to line up your child spiritually so that they can receive all the miracles they’ve been praying for in Christ name. Have your angels father to take authority over the atmosphere where your child is … as there is a lot of demonic activity in the air and also, so that nothing blocks the miracles when your glory falls on them in Christ’s name. Father you can now release these angels specifically for miracles to your child’s life.

Angels of Direction
Father before you send the angels who will help guide your child. You should have a group of angels made specifically for this purpose to just lead, guide and instruct your child. Father instruct your angels to begin to clarity to your child so that they can create strategies to help spread the gospel. Have your angels to tear down strongholds trying to cause confusion in their life … trying to cause your child to not have clarity in mind or in clarify in your plan. Have your child to setup spiritual relationships with others so your child can fulfill purpose … have your angels to do this for your child. Have your angels to server and cut your child away from unhealthy spiritual relationships mainly from people sent from satan to destroy their purpose. Have your angel to take their hands and lead your child on the right path at the right timings and to strengthen them. Have your angels to assist your child with where to go, what times to go, what times to do certain things in Christ name. Have your angels to hold down and chain up all demons sent to disrupt any of your plans father God and any of your agendas which you sent to your child to carry out in Christ name. Father you can now release these angels that will guide your child.

Angels of Happiness
Father God there is so much negativity, have your angels, while they are descending down to earth, to bring down a happy mood, to fill the atmosphere, the air with joy and peace that is around you child and where they live and where they work. Have your angels to fight their battles and fight off dark energy so that you can invite blessings into their life. Have your angels to assist in drawing toward them everything good. Have your angels to bind all demonic forces and their dark plans so that your child will always have good days, that their day is always filled with good things, that their day will always bring good things and blessings. Father God we ask your angels to work toward reversing everything demonic in their life, to reverse all dark clouds over them in Christ name.

Angels of Prosperity
Father before you send this angel to make your child prosperous. You should have an angel or angels created specially to handle the finances of your children as we did send angels to bless them, we weren’t talking about specifically finances or prosperity, just blessings on the whole not just limited to money. This one here is specifically money, finances, prosperity. Father God instruct the angel or angels … have them to keep the portals and passages open so blessing, finances, prosperity can get to your child. Have them unlock all gates of manifestations in their life. Have them destroy the wicked demons so that the riches they had tied up will be released in Christ’s name. Have your angels to remove all hindrances preventing growth in your child’s finances. Have your angels to help manifest money in their life. Have your child to be so prosperous and have so much prosperity that they never want to worry about finances again … so they can move to some nice islands on the beach and never worry about finances again. Have your angels to make sure that everything you touch becomes prosperous in Christ name. We thank you father God for sending your angels and archangels to assist and help your child.