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Father God the great I am, there is none like you father God, the God who is in heaven, the father of Jesus Christ. Father God this is a prayer going up to you to remove evil negative energy from this house. Father God when things are going right in the home, in this house, it’s because your angels are there and they are not evil and they are not negative, however your child is experiencing a different kind of energy, it’s an evil negative energy there sensing in this house and they want you father God and only you can and will give us the power to remove this evil negative energy.

Cleanse House of Bad Energy (Pt 1)
Father God confuse right now these demons that come in the form of evil negative energy, confuse all of them right now, cause satanic disagreement amongst all of them. All their evil schemes and strategies, and tactics and evil plans and all their evil satanic demonic structures and buildings and bases they have setup in this house destroy and tear all of them down. Father God we want you to clean up the atmosphere in this house, there is too much evil negative energy in the air. Clear it up father God.

Cleanse House of Bad Energy (Pt 2)
Send your glory down from heaven and have it to rest in the air in this house and as it’s here abiding as your glory is here abiding in this house evil negative energy will not be able to remain, it will be consumed by your glory. Father God have your glory to flow in every place in this house and as it’s flowing in every place in this house in the roof, on the ground, under the ground, on top of the house, around the house, father God as your glory is moving around consume this evil negative energy. Have it to dissipate, have it to get eat out, eat out this evil negative energy in this house.

Cleanse House of Bad Energy (Pt 3)
Father God now that this evil negative energy has been eaten up we don’t want it to return father God and we also want to cleanse the house. You see father God while these evil negative energy was abiding in this house in the spirit world they cause some and damage a lot of things and there’s a lot of things that have to be repaired, fixed up, replaced, so that in the physical world things here will also return back to normal, so father God cleanse this house, repair everything in the spirit world first that have been destroyed, that was causing problems in this house and then cleanse this house physically.

Cleanse House of Bad Energy (Pt 4)
Have the moods of the people in this house to change. Help the finances, help all the evil things that have been happening to the persons in this house to change. We now have positive energy now in this house. Your glory is here in this house. It’s in the roof. It’s all in the air in this house. It’s peace. It’s very peaceful father God. There are no more evil negative energy in this house your child of God should be experiencing your glory as this prayers are going forth father God. Increase the intensity of your glory in this house. Father God take the Blood of Jesus Christ and paint everything in this house with the Blood of Jesus Christ. Every item, every wall, of this house, every room in this house, everything on top of the roof, in the roof of this house, in the ground of this house, on the structures of this house. Pour the Blood of Jesus Christ on this house so that no more evil negative energy will ever think of returning. I thank you father God for removing this evil negative energy from this house and I thank you for answering this prayer in Jesus name.