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Protection (Introduction)
Father God the one, who created the heavens and the earth. The father of Jesus Christ who died and resurrected on the 3rd day. If this person who is listening to this is not in sin, and they have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, I ask you father God to protect them right now as they are listening to this prayer.

Protection (Jehovah Rohi)
Father God:
-You are great
-There is no shepherd like you
-There is no who can protect me 24 seven like you
-There is no protector is will ever be like you

Remove Pre-Existing Evil
Father God, Jehovah Rohi, the Lord our shepherd, I call unto to take the person listening to this and put your arms of protection around them. I need you to remove any dark shields and dark energies satan demons have placed around this person listening to this. Father remove all dark devices and dark connections.

Shield of Protection Against Demons
Father God, I ask you to put a shield of protection around them. Father I ask you to surround the borders of this shield with fire. So when the demons come near to it, it will burn them. Father increase the intensity of this fire around the shield so high that its as hot as the sun and if for some reason any demons manage to touch the shield, then I want two things to happen.

– As soon as the demon touches it, have it to remain suck, unable to remove the part that touched the shield, and will be attached to it for 24hrs.
– Also like an electric fence make this shield to be electric. So if any demons touch it let them be shocked with 900,000 Volts of electricity.

Protection Angels Pt I (Guards)
Father God, you said in your Word in Psalms 91:11 you will give your angels charge over us. Therefore father send down from heaven, angels right now straight to the person listening to this. Have the angels to surround them, and to follow them everywhere they go. Let the angels know, they must be on FULL guard. Guarding this person 24 seven for all evil, in all forms, thats coming against them. Also send an angel to walk in front of them like you did with Abraham in Genesis 24:7.

Protection Angels Pt II (Heavenly Weapons)
Father God give these angels mighty weapons. Swords, shields. Super charge theyre weapons so they can defeat satans army with ease.

Protection Angels Pt III (Backup Army)
Father God make sure the angels dont get overpowered. Sometimes the person listening to this mite enter places which has a high mass of demon spirits in the air, up to legions which mite be able to hold down the angels protecting them. If this is so, then father God, have a host of arch-angels on call, ready to help the angels who are already protecting the person listening to this if they ever get in a situation like this.

Protection (Blood)
Father God, take the blood of Jesus Christ and draw it around this person. Father take the blood and cover them from their head to their toes. Have the blood to act as a shield against the demons.

Protection (From Disasters)
Father God protect this person listening to this from death. Have the spirit of death to pass over them. Protect them from:
– Car Accidents
– Plane crashes
– Kidnappings
– Tornadoes
– Fires
– Killings
– And every other things satan throws at this person to destroy and kill them.