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Father God, the one who created this earth, the God of Israel the God if the Jews, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the one true God, this is your child speaking. Father God wherever this prayer is being played, which ever house, which ever home in which this prayer is being played, send your angels in that place. Father God I want to establish my authority and legal rights, every believe has a right to use the authority of Jesus Christ name, Mark 3:27, so father God, I ask you now to shake the demonic spiritual kingdom setup in this house, that was setup in this home by the demons.

Remove Ancient Old Evil Spirits
Father God I ask you right now all the old spirits that have been in this house from the early 19th hundredths, the early 18th hundredths and earlier and 16th hundredths, 17th hundredths. You have a lot of demons father God that have dwelling in this home on this land that the home is on, from way back in the early years, they are none as ancestral spirits or ancient spirits, most of them are known as high ranking principalities and kings and many of them are called earthbound spirits. Father God all of those that I’ve named I want you to torture them in 20 different ways as every way comes out of my mouth, I ask you father God to carry it out on every demon in this place.

Torture Evil Spirits (Pt 1)
Father God, drain, deplete, drain, sap, consume all the life energy from these demons. Make them weak and feeble. Strike them with hot lightening fire thunder bolts. Rain brimstone and fire on them. Confuse all of them in their minds. Put a divine curse on all of them. Start tormenting them the same way satan torments them when they refuse to do what he send them to do. Break their arms, break their legs. Father take a whip, make sure it has sharp hooks, the same whips hey used to give Jesus Christ 40 lashes and use this whip on the demons in this house. Whip each demon in this house 10,000 times every second for 60 seconds. Then release worms out from heaven on them. Have the worms to keep nibbling on them. Let the bites from these worms cause excruciating pain. Set them on fire with your Holy Ghost fire. Father God increase the intensity of this fire to be as hot as the core of the sun which is 18 million degree Fahrenheit. Keep this fire burning them up. Let it not go out. It’s like they have gasoline on them that never burns out. Send wasps to sting them but father God increase the pain of these stings 100 fold than the wasps stings we have on earth.

Torture Evil Spirits (Pt 2)
Bind the demons with ropes that have spikes. Have the spikes to pierce into them and cause them pain. Father God put a line of confusion on them in their minds, puzzle them, perplex their minds, baffle their minds, bewilder them all the minds of the demons in this house. Take all the pain that Jesus suffered from when he received those stripes until his death and place it on the head of every demon and multiple the pain 1000 times what Jesus Christ had. Father God the intelligent demons make them dumb. Send little parasites millions of them to attach on to these demons along with worms and have those parasites to eat them, have those parasites to cause them serious agony and pain. Let boils be produced because of the bites from these parasites on these demons. Father make all demons powerless and stripe them of all their weapons. Father God split all their unison and make sure they can’t regroup again. Render all demons in this place ineffective. Have the demons to bite up each other, have them to fight amongst one another, have them to do every negative thing that they can do to each other.

Trapped Evil Spirits
Father God release the trapped spirits in this home. All evil spirits I release you from this place you have no rights, you have no more authority, you have no license to be here.